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Rose Garden

Serving as an instructional site for students, the original Rose Garden was planted by the Ornamental Horticulture department in 1964. In the 1980s, this garden was cleared out and redesigned with drainage, sidewalks, electricity, and new soil. The water feature that lies at the center of the Rose Garden was a Construction Management student project. Although new rose bushes are added every year, some of the roses that are present today are the original ones that were planted 25 years ago. The Ornamental Horiculture department still uses the garden as an instructional site for students to learn how to prune roses.

Plant Spotlight: Altissimo Rose
Spanish for “the highest,” the Altissimo Rose is characterized by its bright blood-red flower and yellow stamen. Able to survive in less nutrient soils and resist disease, the Altissimo Rose is known for its hardiness.

Plant Spotlight: Joseph’s Coat Rose
Joseph’s Coat Rose, a fiberoptic wonder, produces flowers that bud yellow, change to orange, then to pink and red due to fluctuations in sunlight and temperature.

Plant Spotlight: Secret Rose
Easily identified by its sweet fragrance, the Secret rose is soft cream highlighted by bright pink edges. New foliage of this rose is a dark red color.