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"Pocket of Paradise"

Dedicated to Rob Meyers, former department head of Physical Education and Recreation, this "pocket of paradise" is devoted to all people who want to escape their busy lives for a short moment. The niche was created in an interdisciplinary effort of Landscape Architecture, Art & Design, and Ornamental Horticulture students.

"A sanctuary set apart for leisure and contemplation, where nature and identity unite to foster renewal of mind, body, and soul."

- The Pocket of Paradise Founders -

One main attraction to this simple garden is the glass pyramid centerpiece (shown above). This pyramid was made to reflect the images of the surrounding garden to create a beautiful, relaxing atmosphere. It was designed and constructed by George Jercich. Professor Jercich teaches studio art courses at Cal Poly, including a glass studio course.

However, in order for this garden to come alive, Dale Sutliff and Carolyn Shank dedicated the 1993-94 school year to the construction of this garden. They recruited a group of 40+ students to tackle the design and construction of this site:

  • Fall Quarter

    During Fall Quarter, the students enrolled in a special projects class and began deciding where the site should be located. Once they agreed on four potenital sites they had to obtain campus approval to develop one of them. Luckily, Cal Poly approved their first choice, located just across of Lucy's Juice near the UU.

  • Winter Quarter

    Dreams became a reality as Winter Quarter emerged. The students consolidated four separate designs, came up with a final design and were able to get Cal Poly's approval. Landscape and construction designs were completed during this three month period.

  • Spring Quarter

    After nine months of working on this "pocket," the students were finally able to tear out the overgrown jungle, regrade the land, and construct the beautiful garden. The students formed groups in order to look at specific issues such as irrigation, planting, lighting, paving, etc. Fundraising also had to be done in order to raise the $20,000 needed for this garden. People donated materials, plants, and most importantly time. It took a solid two months, including weekends, just to construct this garden in time for its Grand Opening.

The Grand Opening, scheduled for Memorial Day 1994 attracted approximately 200 people including the principle doner from Hawaii, singer/songrwiter Kris Kristofferson!

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