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Campus Gardens



The vision of Cal Poly as a pedestrian campus with, “quiet, sheltered inviting areas where students will study, talk, eat, and relax” was first documented in the 1962 Cal Poly Master Plan. Believing that these areas would, “encourage the social and intellectual interchange which is a vital part of college life,” the university planners of this era allocated land for gardens, lawns, and seating areas, places that have become a vital part of the aesthetic experience of the Cal Poly landscape. Although located in central campus, these special places are often overlooked. Their stories have faded to a whisper in the passing years of the university's history. We hope to illuminate these places and the stories behind them for the campus community so that our experience of the Cal Poly landscape is filled with a greater sense of appreciation for the natural beauty that surrounds us.

Business Gardens

Engineering West

Pocket of Paradise

Dorm Hideaways

Mustang Plaza

Landscaping Senior Projects


"In all things of nature there is something of the marvelous."



The Cal Poly campus is home to a collection of plants from all over the world, including rare and extinct species. In addition to the plants higlighted on this website, further information on the Cal Poly campus plants can be found on the Cal Poly Plant Conservatory website:


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