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We the People of Dexter Lawn...

Here are some people's experience's of the Dexter

Brittany Andrews, 3rd year Social Science major

"I like to sit on Dexter between classes, and whenever I see people playing frisbee, I smile. I use the lawn about three times a week!"

Erin Thomas, 3rd year Psychology major

"I love Dexter lawn. The more green space on campus the better! I really don't use it much but I like seeing it there with all the people chillin on it. Keep Cal Poly green!"

Whitney Shmitz, 3rd year Psychology major

"Dexter lawn is great for studying in between classes and catching a tan spring quarter. It really adds to the beauty of our campus. Keep Dexter Lawn!"

Steve Jones, 4th year Architecture major

"I love it. It is a warm and lovely place for all sorts of activities. I like its openness and green pastures. Without Dexter lawn, this campus would be worthless."

Brandon J, 2 nd year Business major

"Keep It"

Ricky Yhorra, 4th year Computer Engineering

"Your grass stains are worth it."

Jessica Reed, 4th year Music major

I walk by on my way to the business building every day and I'm always jealous of the people tanning and playing Frisbee."

Matt Shumacher, 2nd year Civil Engineering

I enjoy the people that set up different events there are including the ones that piss people off because it usually sparks some student activism. Plus lying in the grass is fun."

Carolyn Rupnik, 3rd year Recreation Parks and Tourism major

"It's really relaxing and fun to talk with people you know. Plus, it reminds me that I am on a college campus."


We love Dexter