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Cal Poly's Social Junction

As Cal Poly students, we are high achieving and intent on focusing on the academic opportunities that school has to offer. It can be easy to allow our social lives to slip away. Between going to class, work, and meeting all other responsibilities, it is often difficult to meet up with friends and take in the lighter aspects of campus.

Dexter Lawn provides a central meeting places on campus where students and be sure to see friends, view displays, or simply relax. Personally, I love to sit under the shady redwood located on the lawn during breaks I have between classes. It is not uncommon to see a student catching a quick nap with a backpack pillow or lounging in the grass improving her tan. Procrastinators cram for tests with textbooks and notebooks sprawled in front of them. Friends gather in small clusters along Dexter, chatting, laughing, and often playing a lighthearted game of Frisbee or catch.

Dexter Lawn is also an excellent place to go to find information about different campus-related organizations. During the different Greek "rush" weeks, a long line of booths for different fraternities and sororities will border the lawn. Those manning these booths will hand out information to fellow students regarding their group and chat with those interested. Other non-Greek campus clubs can also be found reaching out to students on Dexter. Groups also use the lawn as a meeting place. For example, on April 6, the Cal Poly Wheelmen, a biking group, had a bike fix on Dexter Lawn. Fundraisers to raise money for groups and community causes have also been held here.

The lawn is also a place for personal expression. Cultural performances have been held on the lawn by different groups. However, some personal expression often becomes controversial on the lawn. Many political displays have been erected on Dexter. One of the more controversial displays went up last year, arguing against gay marriage. The display included plywood figures depicting the artist's negative opinion of same sex marriage. It also had large boards which students could write their opinions on. The most current display involved graphic images to protest abortion.

Whether taking a breather, catching up with friends, learning about clubs, or exploring the controversial opinions of our fellow students, Dexter Lawn provides a central hub for multimedia congregation. It is the unofficial social epicenter of our campus; a place where students can go when they are bored, curious, sleepy, stressed, or ready for action. Using only large open areas and the beauty of nature to attract students, Dexter Lawn is truly the place to be on campus.

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