Get Involved!

It is important that you let others know how you feel about this project. Click on the names below to send e-mail to these individuals and publications.

Frank Lebens
Mr.Lebens is a Vice President at the University. Write and urge him not to sign the release for the pipeline right-of-way.

Telegram Tribune
A letter to the editor will inform the public and will let the administration know that there is support for the preservation of the oaks.

New Times
The New Times, a weekly newspaper, is another forum for your concerns.

Mustang Daily
A letter to the University newspaper will inform the students and staff of your concerns.

Engl-oak alias
Mail to this "alias" will be delivered to all the people involved in this project. If you would like your e-mail address included in the alias, send a message here with a note stating you would like to be added.

Steven Marx
Dr. Marx has worked hard to inform the public of this impending project. Let him know you support him and ask him how you can help.

Phil Ashley
Phil is a technician for the Biology department at the University, and has been instrumental in spearheading this project.

Richard Kranzdorf
Professor Kranzdorf has been very vocal in opposition to this project. Write him and thank him.

Mike Stiles
I designed this web page. Please let me know how I can improve it.

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