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Brizzolari Creek


Brizzolari Creek needs a lot of help due to a large amounts of garbage, pollution, and requires extensive re-vegetation and restoration efforts. Cal Poly students in the College of Architecture and Environmental Design have worked on Brizzolari Creek for their senior projects and as volunteers to help preserve its landscape.

One such student is Scott Swanson, who graduated 2001 with a B.S. in City and Regional Planning. Swanson organized and facilitated "phase II" of the Brizzolari Creek cleanup as his senior project (phase I was begun in 1999 as a senior project by CRP students Yolanda Sepulveda and Amanda Markanan). In the morning of June 2nd, 2001 ten student volunteers, CRP faculty advisor Dr. Michael Boswell, and Brian Stark from the Land Conservancy of San Luis Obispo gathered on-site in-between parking lots H2 and H12. They planted and mulched 100 shrubs and trees in only one and a half hours spanning a distance of 250 linear feet. As Scott stated in his senior project report, the goals for the project were to:

  • 1. Reestablish native plant species along Brizzolari Creek
  • 2. Increase current amount of available natural habitat
  • 3. Reestablish an encapsulating tree canopy
  • 4. Minimize erosion and increase filtering capacity of the creek
  • 5. Promote stream restoration and increase on-Campus environmental stewardship.

The shrubs and trees planted included: 15 California Sycamore, 15 California Sage, 15 Coast Live Oak, 15 Coffee Berry, and 40 Coyote Brush. All plants were generously donated by Brian Stark of the Land Conservancy of SLO. This year, the project is being continued by senior CRP student Matt Bulland, and next year will most likely be adopted by CRP major Laurie Tyler. Information on Scott Swanson's endeavors can be found in the form of microfiche in the Cal Poly library senior project section #01-1373.

For more pictures of problems concerning Brizzolari Creek visit the Cal Poly Land website at http//

( courtesy of the Cal Poly Land website)